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Blueseal Traders is a private  owned  enterprise. Our core business activity is in chemical trading, indenting, export, import and toll manufacturing. 

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About Us

Blueseal Traders is a chemical trading house and manufacturing enterprise, have a capacity in supplying of all kind of chemical raw materials from inorganic to organic range, intermediates to finish products, fine to specialty.


Our wide range of products covers application areas of chemical & petrochemical, food, poultry feed, animal feed, adhesive, paint & coating paper & pulp, water treatment, inks & printing, and many more which you imagine.


Our company policy is to supply high quality & high performance products, with technical after sales services with competitive prices.

Our team of experienced staff and chemists are fully capable to serve the customers with techno - commercial solutions.

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Strive to develop and Employ innovative marketing & sales solution to add value to business with progressive and proactive approach.


Continuing growth  in business through honesty, hard work and satisfaction of our valuable customer, with unmatchable after sales services.

What Make Us Special-International brands
Olympia chemicals ltd.

BlueSeal Traders is an authorized sale agent & distributor for Olympia Chemicals Ltd - Pakistan for export of Soda Ash Light, Soda Ash Dense & Sodium Bicarbonate for the GCC and other countries. 

Devson Catalyst Pvt Ltd

BlueSeal Traders is an authorized sale agent & distributor for Devson Catalyst Pvt. Ltd for Pakistan, who is a leading manufacturer and exporter of catalyst (chloride adsorbent, clause catalyst, zinc oxide catalyst), Molecular Sieve, activated alumina, ceramic ball, alumina balls.

Devson Catalyst Pvt. Ltd. is a versatile ceramic company with over 25 years of experience and largest exporter with international standard quality.

Al-Khair Industries

BlueSeal Traders is an authorized sale agent & distributor for Al-Khair Industries - Pakistan for export of Sodium Silicate for the GCC and other countries. 

Natural Minerals for paint and cosmetics industries

BlueSeal Traders is manufacturer & Exporter of high quality products for paint and cosmetic Industries.

1. Talc Powder

2. Kaolin Clay (China Clay)

3. Magnesium Oxide

4. Zinc Oxide 

Sitara Chemicals industries Limited

BlueSeal Traders is an agent & distributor for Sitara Chemicals Industries Ltd - Pakistan for export of Calcium Chloride, Glycerin, Soap Noodle & Caustic Soda for GCC Countries. 

AK-Kim kimya sanayi veticaret a.s

BlueSeal Traders is an authorized sale agent & distributor for AK-KIM Kimya Sanayi Veticaret A.S - Turkey for Pakistan, who is one of the leading and largest chemical company engaged in the manufacturing of industrial chemicals, paper & board and tissue paper chemicals.

chalco qingdao international trading co., ltd.

BlueSeal Traders is an authorized sale agent & distributor for Chalco Qingdao International Trading Co., Ltd - China for Pakistan, who is a leading manufacturer & exporter for Hydrated ZEOLITE 4A.

Fazal chemicals

BlueSeal Traders is a distributor for Fazal Chemicals for their products

1. Sulfuric Acid

2. Alum

3. SSP

Detergent & industrial cleaning chemicals Supplier

BlueSeal Traders is a distributor & supplier of chemical raw materials for detergent powder, households & industrial cleaning chemicals & basic industrial chemicals from International reputed manufacturers.  List of Chemicals,

1- LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene)


3- CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose)

4- AES (Alkyl Ethoxy Sulphate)

5-SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate)

6- SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)

7- Sodium Percarbonate

8- Color Speckles

9- SHMP (Sodium Hexameta Phosphate)

10-STPP (Sodium Trypoly Phosphate)

11- TSP (Try Sodium Phosphate)

12- Sodium Citrate 

13- Tetra Acetyl Ethulene Diamine (Blue / Green / White) & other Color and additive for detergents 

OIL & GAS Products

BlueSeal Traders is a distributor & supplier of chemical raw materials for Oil & Gas Drilling Mud chemicals from International reputed manufacturers.  List of Chemicals are

1. Weighting Materials

2. Drilling Polymers

3. Completion Fluids

4. Loss Circulation Materials

5. Shale Stabilizers

6. Viscosifiers

7. Cementing Additives

8. Drilling Thiners

9. Dispersant / Defucculant

10. Corrosion Inhibitors 

11. Fluids Control Additives

12. Biocide / Scvangers 

13. Defoamer / Antifoam 


1. Concentrated Detergent Powder

2. High Foam Detergent Powder

3. Delicates Wash Detergent Powder

4. Economy Detergent Powder

5. Industrial Detergent Powder

6. High Foam Liquid for Delicates

7. Premier Laundry Liquid

8. Economy Laundry Liquid

9. Nappy Wash Detergent Powder & Liquid


1. CAR Shampoo

2. CAR Engine Degreaser Water Based

3. Interior Car Upholstery Cleaner

4. Interior Car Fabric Cleaner

5. CAR Wax Shampoo 

Our Services

BlueSeal Traders offers chemical formulation & techno commercial services and solutions to our customers for catering the needs of the following sectors.

Paper & Board Industry, Tissue Paper, Soap & Detergent, Ceramic, Water Treatment, Petrochemical & Oil and Gas, Chloro Alkali & Allied Industries, Animal & Poultry Feed, Float Glass, Paints & Coatings, Pesticide & Agriculture, Textile Dyeing & Finishing, Food ingredients & Beverages and Bakery & Confectionary.

Special Cleaner

1. Bottle Washing Formulation
2. Industrial Automatic Dish Wash
3. Liquid Carpet Shampoo
4. Powder Carpet Shampoo
4. Hand Wash Gel
5. Metal Degreaser
6.Rust Remover
7. Toilet Blocker


1. Economy Dish Wash Powder

2. Dish Wash Liquid

3. Grill & Oven Cleaners

4. Industrial Dish Wash Powder & Liquid

5.Dish Wash Rinse Aid 

Product development & formulation

technical consultancy and project designing

raw material supply & services
Why choose Us

Blueseal Traders developed strong and win- win business cooperation with the international reputed manufacturer our principals are reliable and quality products supplier & guaranteed on their quality & quantity, and prompt shipment. 

Operational Excellence
After sales services
Team of experts
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